Frequently Asked Questions

What does OVID mean?

It is an acronym which stands for Our Vision Is Development

Where does OVID Real Estate Plc located?

Bole Edna mall to 22 round about road behind Worku Building.


What is KUMKANG aluminum form work?

Kumkang Technology is part of the revolutionary aluminum formwork technology technique which is forming its based in the construction industry. This formwork technology system is ideal and suitable for both residential and commercial building construction. OVID is a pioneer company in the integration of kumkang formwork technology in Ethiopia, and perhaps in East Africa.

Working time at OVID Real Estate plc?

From Monday to Saturday fulltime

Which property of OVID Real Estate plc is on sale now?
What are the steps of buying process?
  • First, you have to visit our head office & contact with the sales consultants
  • Second, you will discuss with a sales person about the apartments and then you will visit the sites.
  • Third, you will choose a specific site location.
  • Fourth, for the specific site you have chosen, you will get the brief about the design and sales price.
  • Fifth, you will select the apartment units (one bed room, two bed room, three bed room or penthouse) & the floor.
  • Finally, you will pay the down payment for selected apartment unit.


Why should I choose OVID Real Estate plc?
A.OVID enjoys several advantages over its competitors. These advantages include:
  • Construction Technology: It has practically proven technology capability using Aluminum Formwork and others will put OVID competitive advantages over other similar companies.Commitment for Delivery: OVID’s experience and capability to working in a very intense situation and technological advantage demonstrate the company commitment to deliver on time without compromising quality.
  • Locational Advantages :OVID provides at least five locational options to house buyers. These areas are the most important locations and attract house buyers to deal with OVID. The areas are around Kazanchis, Bole, Sidist kilo, Hayahulet, Ayat and Gulele.
  • Qualified Management and Staffs: The company success in the past and current construction sector is Demonstrated the management and its staff’s capability to work in a very extreme situation. OVID’s investment in the area of human development and the management capability in adopting technologies is currently enables OVID capability in delivering with speed and quality.
  • Relationships: The current company relationship established amount various stakeholders in the line of construction and real estate sector, helps OVID to structure itself prior to engaging in the market. The already established relationship supports the OVID in raising finances, assuring continues supply of construction inputs, establishing market and many more benefits in the industry.
B. Corporate Structure: OVID Real Estate as real estate development greatly organized itself to overcome challenges anticipated in the industry. In addition to the existing staffs OVID Real Estate Signed a design, construction consultancy and Marketing & Sales service agreements with external well experienced and organized firms to cope up the design and sales issues of the company
How can I pay to buy a house?
  • By CPO (Customer Payment Order) which is prepared in the name of buyer for OVID Real Estate plc
  • By depositing directly in the OVID Real Estate plc account(Deposit Slip)
  • If you pay in USD Dollar, you can deposit in OVID Real Estate plc retention account.
  • Account to account transfer/ RTGS Method (Real Time Gross Settlement
Is there any available discount options?
  • If you are willing to pay 50% & above of the total sales price
  • If you are willing to pay by foreign excange.

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