ovid prime apartment

ovid prime 3b+g+15


Design features

  • The floor finish is high end material which makes the units more luxuries
  • Both 3 & 2 Bed room units have their own individual laundry
  • Kitchen cabinet and Cupboard will be fixed
  • 3 Bed Room units have additional open kitchen for fast food, breakfast dinning and bar purpose.
  • The building have CCTV security control system on basement parking areas lobby of typical floors in front of lift & stair access.
  • Master bed rooms on both 3 and 2 bed room units have TV lines.
  • Penthouses have a bell call system.
  • Dwellers can dispose the wastages through garbage chute.
  • The building has complete Fire fighting system with pump, reel hose cabinet and fire extinguishers.
  • Smoke and heat detecting sensors are provided on both 3 & 2 bed room units.
  • The building has a backup Generator.
  • Master bed room has telephone and TV lines.
  • The parking floors have car lift system.
  • The building have Lightening protection system.
  • The apartment has  Master antenna TV system

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